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Tips for Everyday Mindful Living

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

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Living mindfully may sound like a difficult concept but in practice, the mindful way of living is very simple and easy.

In this blog post, we'll go through the key concepts and benefits of mindful living, and how you can start practicing it in your everyday life.

We'll also give you practical steps to take so you can start practicing this new, wonderful way of living and being today 💚

Table of contents:

A person practicing mindful living sitting on a park bench under beautiful, blooming cherry trees.
Everyday mindful living is very simple and easy 💚

What Does it Mean to be Mindful?

One of our favorite ambassadors of mindful living and present moment awareness, Eckhart Tolle, once said that 'mindful' isn't the best word to describe the practice of being present in the moment because it implies that the mind is full. And being mindful is actually the very opposite.

Being mindful means living in the moment with heightened awareness, not being caught up in the endless roller-coaster of our minds.

When we are mindful, we pay close attention to what is actually happening in the here and now, without only listening to the narrative our minds are telling us about the situation.

Being mindful opens us up to observe life without judgment and prejudices. This benefits us in many ways.

What are the Benefits of Mindful Living?

Living mindfully is very different from going on auto-pilot when we often just go around in circles and repeat the same patterns from day to day.

Let's list some of the key benefits of mindful living:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety - Stress and anxiety are rooted in the mind and often concern the future. When you shift your focus to the present moment, those thoughts move to the background, and you automatically start to feel calmer and more grounded.

  • Increased joy - When you live just in your mind, you inevitably miss most of the life's beauty happening around you. When you start living mindfully, you rediscover the sense of joy and wonder that many of us lose as we grow up.

  • Better decisions - Being truly present in the moment allows you to see things as they are instead of just reacting through your conditioning. This will help you make much better decisions, both in smaller and bigger matters in life.

  • Increased creativity & focus - Being grounded and centered helps you access your subconscious better, expand your perspective, and increase mental clarity. This makes it a lot easier to tap into your creative side and increase focus.

A person practicing mindfulness meditation at home, looking happy.
Living more mindfully benefits us in all aspects of our lives 💚

How do I Start Living Mindfully?

You can do a few simple things to start living more mindfully today:

  • Start minimizing distractions: Don't try to make too drastic changes, like getting rid of your phone, laptop, and TV all at once (unless you really want to). Instead, every once in a while, leave your phone in the other room, go for a walk without headphones, or do something else in the evening than watch TV.

  • Do simple mindfulness exercises: Practice mindfulness daily, even if it is just for a couple of minutes. You can find good exercises for beginners in our last blog post.

  • Try to minimize multitasking: When you can, concentrate on doing just one thing at a time.

  • Pay attention to your body: Your body, unlike your mind, lives always in the present moment. This makes it an excellent portal to the now.

  • Mindful breathing breaks: Set reminders to take short mindful breathing breaks throughout the day, even if it's just for a minute.

  • Increase self-awareness: Throughout the day, take short breaks when you pause and become aware of your thoughts and emotions. Just observe them without judgment. This will increase your self-awareness which helps you respond to life's situations more mindfully instead of just reacting.

  • Mindful mornings: When you wake up, instead of rushing into your morning routine, pause for a few minutes. Take some deep breaths and just be present in the moment. This will set a more mindful tone for your whole day.

  • Mindful evenings: Just like you did in the morning, take a few minutes before going to sleep to center yourself. You can do some deep breathing or do a guided meditation. This will help you relax and get better sleep.

Additional Tools for Mindful Living

Even though mindful living is something you can start practicing by yourself, sometimes it is nice to have some extra tools to help you with your journey.

Here are some tools we believe can benefit you in case you feel like you could use some assistance:

  • Guided mindfulness meditations: You can find guided mindfulness meditations and exercises for example on YouTube. Guided exercises are a good way to start learning mindfulness and being more present in the moment.

  • Mindfulness books: If you like to read, mindfulness books are a great way to learn more about mindful living & mindfulness. Check out our blog post 10 best mindfulness books for beginners for our recommendations!

  • Mindfulness apps & courses: Mindfulness apps & courses are handy and offer a more structured way to learn and practice mindfulness and mindful living. Our favorite mindfulness app is *, which offers a variety of exercises and tools from mindfulness to self-compassion and stress management. We highly recommend trying this app! You can try it out with a 7-day free trial before making a decision whether you want to purchase it or not.

Hope you found these tips useful and we wish you the best of luck on your journey toward a more mindful life 💚

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