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Stress Relief Methods for Every Day Use

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Deadlines, phones constantly ringing, and notifications popping up when trying to concentrate...

Everything around us demands our constant attention these days, and stress has become an all-too-familiar companion in our current lifestyle, whether we welcome it or not.

Moving to an isolated island or high up in the mountains to get some peace might feel quite tempting, but sadly, it isn't a realistic choice for the majority of us.

While long yoga classes and meditation sessions are of course excellent stress relief methods, there isn't always enough time to execute them often enough to fight the constant bombardment of stress-inducing factors in our lives.

But did you know that there are many really small things you can do in your daily life that can reduce your stress levels significantly? So small that after consciously practicing them for a while they just become a natural part of your life rather than practices?

A soothing picture of a bed, book, a tea mug and a person petting a cat.
Many stress relief methods are easily implementable and require little effort!

Here are some easy and simple stress relief methods you can start practicing right now with minimal effort:

Eating as a Stress Relief Method

Do you have a habit of treating your daily meal times as a necessary thing that you just need to quickly execute and get over with? Do you usually check your phone or work on your computer while eating?

Trust me, you are not alone. I'm pretty sure that you have already heard countless times that you shouldn't multitask while eating and that having peaceful mealtimes aids digestion and helps with stress.

This is true but I also know that suddenly becoming the mealtime zen master isn't very realistic or even desirable to many.

So what you could do is choose one meal per day, it could be just a small snack, and eat that without doing anything else at the same time.

Leave your phone and laptop in another room and just be fully present with your meal. Appreciate the look, smell, and taste of it and eat it knowing that the world won't collapse, even if you are not available to everyone for that tiny bit of time.

You can choose any meal you prefer. I like to practice this during breakfast but you might find it enjoyable to have an evening snack in complete peace.

Or you can switch it up! Could be that in time you want to incorporate mindful eating into your other mealtimes too. Eating mindfully really winds down the stress levels and makes you appreciate your food and your body in a new way.

Relieving Stress with Mindful Walks

Even if we don't go jogging or have a dog to take daily walks with, most of us do some kind of walking every day. It might be just walking to the subway station or walking to the office from your car.

These small (or longer) walks that you probably don't even think about can become a very useful tool in fighting stress!

As I said, it doesn't matter how long is the walk. The important thing is how you use those seemingly irrelevant steps you take. So again, you don't have to start pushing yourself to be present every time you walk to the bathroom.

Rather take one walking trip you do daily and begin to notice even the smallest things that happen while you walk. How does the ground feel under your feet? How do your body parts move with the rhythm of your walk? What kind of sounds, sights, and smells do your surroundings offer?

Once a day, slow down your pace, put your phone in your pocket, take your headphones off, and see how much peace and enjoyment you can get out of a small little walk!

A person using mindful walking as a stress relief method by walking bare-foot on a beautiful beach.
Mindful walks are a wonderful way to relax.


You don't have to be a singer of any kind to enjoy the benefits of humming!

Did you know that your vocal cords are connected to your vagus nerve, which controls the fight-flight response in your body and is usually highly overactive when stressed?

Gentle humming creates vibrations that gently massage the vagus nerve and soothe your body and mind. And the best thing is that humming your favorite tune is something you can do pretty much anywhere and requires practically no effort!

Mindful Communicating

Meaningful connections to other people are at the core of feeling safety and security and are one of the best antidotes to stress.

So how can we enhance our relationships in our daily lives quickly and without a huge amount of effort (which is of course also good, but not necessarily possible daily)?

Well, we can take small moments and small daily conversations and practice listening to what the other has to say.

Like, if you have a habit of asking your spouse, children, or co-workers how their day was and then maybe not being so attentive when they tell you, try putting other things aside for a moment and hearing what they have to say.

Showing appreciation to others will often result in them returning the favor. As you continue to cultivate this habit and learn more about your loved ones, you may start to see them in a new and positive way, strengthening your relationship.

In the picture there are two women sitting in a hammock by a lake or a river shore.
Attentive communication is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationships

Last but not least, the mother of all stress relief methods:

Deep Breathing

This is again a stress relief method that probably everyone knows about. We have all heard that when we are stressed and anxious our breathing becomes shallow which winds up the body even more.

And even though deep breathing is seemingly the most simple and low-effort way to reduce stress, why don't we utilize it more often?

I think it's because many of us start instantly thinking of meditation postures and quiet spaces when considering any kind of breath work and then it just becomes a big thing in our brain which takes too much time and effort.

Of course, if you have time and enthusiasm, you should make breathwork a daily exercise. But for all of us who don't seem to get there, an easier way exists: Breathe deeper any time anywhere you happen to remember it.

A few deep breaths here and there ARE beneficial and will eventually train your body to a new way of breathing. So next time you remember that deep breathing might be good for you, don't think "OK, I'll try to find time to practice tomorrow or next week".

Just take a few deep breaths now! You don't need to be anywhere else or in any other posture, if you can breathe now, you are also able to breathe a little deeper now. It is just that simple :)

In the picture there is a woman writing something on a laptop. She has black shirt and hair tied up in a bun.
Deep breathing is something you can practice anywhere and anytime, even while working!

Embracing the Simple Stress Relief Methods

So these are a few of the many stress relief methods you can try and incorporate into your daily life. As you can see, you don't need to stretch yourself to find a little bit of peace of mind every single day. Hope you found these tips helpful!

Please comment and share what are your favorite ways to lead a more stress-free life daily!

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