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Mindfulness App Review -

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

This blog post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase using my links. Affiliate links are marked with *. I only recommend products and services that I trust and believe will benefit my readers. I appreciate your support.

I have used the * app for a few months now and absolutely loved it! I wanted to write a review article about it to give you a better idea of what the app includes so you can make an informed decision whether it is the app for you or not.

I highly recommend getting the *7-day free trial at first to test it, that is how I started using it!

Table of contents:

Image of the app and a person meditating on a beach.

Overview of the App was co-founded in 2014 by Melli O’Brien, a mindfulness teacher, and Matt Dickinson, a tech entrepreneur, with a vision to make mindfulness accessible and practical. Their initial project, the world's largest mindfulness conference, garnered a community of over 300,000 people. app was launched in 2020 and now offers thousands of mindfulness practices and serves as a global hub for mindfulness resources.

The app doesn't only have quality mindfulness and meditation exercises, but also a vast variety of resources from expert courses to sleep stories and relaxing music.


There are 2 ways to use The app:

Free - I am not exactly sure if there is a completely free version of the app but you can get a *7-day free trial, which I highly recommend to test the app out before deciding to purchase it. It helped me to test and evaluate the app before purchasing it.

Basic - Basic subscription annual plan is priced at USD$24.99 per year. This subscription is pretty affordable but lacks some features that the Plus+ subscription has.

Plus+ - With Plus+ subscription you get access to all the app's resources. There are 3 ways to get the Plus+ subscription:

  • Billed monthly for USD$16.99

  • Billed annually for USD$84.99

  • Lifetime access for USD$169 one-time fee

I chose the annual subscription. At first, I thought it was expensive but then I calculated that it is actually less than 2 dollars a week, which I am more than happy to pay for things that support my wellbeing.

After my annual subscription ends I think I'll go for lifetime access because I think I will use the app for a long time.


Let's go through the features of the app more thoroughly! I will mark after every feature if it is available in Basic and Plus+ subscriptions or only Plus+.

Disclaimer! There might be some other limitations and differences between the subscriptions, to get the most current information, please visit

Meditations - The app has a huge variety of meditations for different moods and needs. You can find meditations for sleep, anxiety, stress, sadness, gratitude, boredom, letting go of anger, and so on!

You can also find meditations of different lengths starting from just a few minutes. And for some of the meditations (this is one of my favorite 'special' features of the app) you can choose the length of the meditation yourself! This is great when you want to do a specific meditation but have e.g. some time constraints.

You can also choose the background music for your meditations or leave the music completely out if you wish. (Basic &Plus+).

Mindfulness Exercises - The app has different kinds of mindfulness exercises from meditations to breathing exercises and coaching sessions.

All the exercises are categorized well so it is pretty easy to find a mindfulness practice suited to your current needs. (Basic &Plus+).

Breathing Exercises - The app includes a collection of short guided breathing exercises. The collection is currently quite small (13 exercises) but at least I can find pretty much all the breathing exercises I need. (Basic &Plus+).

Gratitude Practices - The app has a lovely collection of daily gratitude practices that aren't too long, so they are perfect to start your day with! (Basic &Plus+).

Coaching - There is a variety of insightful coaching classes on various topics, such as understanding anxiety, how to meditate, freedom from the inner critic, and so on.

I have listened to daily coaching classes as a part of my daily personalized program but you can take whole expert courses on the app! There are amazing teachers, such as Tara Brach, whose teachings have been an incredible asset in my journey. (Only in Plus+ subscription).

Music - The app has some beautiful music and playlists perfect for sleep and relaxation. I have also enjoyed soundtracks such as Forest Night and soothing waterfall both as background music for yoga or meditation and sleep. (Basic: limited, Plus+: full access).

Sleep Stories - I personally like listening to music or nature sounds when going to sleep, but the app has also a few sleep stories if that is more of your thing! (Basic: limited, Plus+: full access).

Personalized programs - When you start using the app you are asked if you want the app to make you a personalized program. You can then add e.g. your interests, needs, and time you wish to spend with the app each day.

The app makes you a program for each day and you have a ready list of meditations and exercises when you open the app in the morning.

I have really enjoyed my personalized program and find it super convenient that I don't have to each day search for meditations, coaching sessions, and exercises myself.

Mindful radio - Last but not least, the app also includes Mindful Radio, where you can find for example podcasts and Q&A sessions on your favorite topics. (Basic & Plus+).

Different features of app

7-Day Free Trial

Okay, so now you have a pretty good idea of what the app includes. Before making up your mind you can test the app 7 days for free!

I highly recommend this. The free trial doesn't obligate you to anything and if you don't wish to continue to purchasing, you can just cancel the subscription before the trial ends. app Review - My Thoughts

I have used the app for a few months now and really love it. It has everything I need for my daily mindfulness practice presented clearly and professionally.

The app has generated trust in me from the beginning, and I have really benefited from its use. It has provided a clear structure for my daily practices, and I have gained many new ideas even as a more seasoned mindfulness practitioner and instructor.

I believe the app is super beneficial to both beginners and long-term mindfulness and meditation practitioners.

The app has a real quality compared to many meditation apps I have tried out before. I have a degree and work experience in software design and from that point of view also the app is absolutely high-quality.

Hope this * app review gave a good picture of what this app is all about! I can whole-heartedly recommend it and wish that you too find it a useful tool in your own journey. 🩷

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