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Journal Prompts for Grief and Loss

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Grief is a natural part of life but processing it can sometimes be difficult. Journaling can be a good way to express your emotions and find clarity during tough times.

By writing down your thoughts and feelings you provide yourself a space for reflection and understanding.

We have listed 30 journal prompts for grief in this blog post, designed to help you through your grief journey.

Image of candles, flowers and a journal. Journaling can be really helpful in processing grief.
Journaling can be a very therapeutic way to process grief.

30 Journal Prompts for Processing Grief and Loss

In processing grief, it is important to give yourself space, time, and peace. Writing your thoughts down on paper helps you spend a moment with yourself and your thoughts, and can provide a new perspective on your feelings.

Use the journal prompts for grief below to gently explore your emotions. These prompts can help you discover personal insights and start to make sense of your grief journey, at your own pace and in your own way.

Copy and save these prompts so you can use them whenever you need to connect with yourself and process your grief.

  1. What are three words that describe how I feel right now?

  2. What is a happy memory I have of the person I've lost?

  3. What has this loss taught me about myself?

  4. How has my perspective on life changed since this loss?

  5. What are things I wish I had said to my loved one?

  6. In what ways have I grown since this loss?

  7. What is the hardest part of the day for me and why?

  8. How can I honor the memory of my loved one today?

  9. What emotions am I struggling with the most, and why?

  10. How can I take care of myself while I grieve?

  11. What are some ways I can express my feelings about this loss?

  12. What is something I miss the most about my loved one?

  13. How has my relationship with others changed since this loss?

  14. What are some comforting words or gestures I wish to hear?

  15. How do I want to remember my loved one on special occasions?

  16. What are some ways I can keep my loved one's memory alive?

  17. How has this loss affected my beliefs or outlook on life?

  18. What support do I need right now, and how can I ask for it?

  19. How has my routine changed since the loss, and is it helping me?

  20. What is one thing I can do today to feel a little better?

  21. How have I been coping with my grief, and is it healthy?

  22. What are some things that bring me a small sense of peace?

  23. How can I allow myself to feel joy or happiness again?

  24. Are there any rituals or traditions that help me feel connected to my loved one?

  25. What have I learned about the nature of grief and loss?

  26. How can I be gentle with myself during this difficult time?

  27. What are some ways I can help others who may be grieving?

  28. What are my thoughts and feelings about the future now?

  29. What are some positive memories that bring me comfort?

  30. How can I honor my own journey of grief while still moving forward?

How to Use These Journal Prompts for Grief

You can use these journal prompts for grief whenever you feel the need to have a space to process your emotions.

Sit down peacefully and write answers to a few questions that resonate with you the most at that moment.

Remember that processing grief is a long journey, so allow yourself time. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and remember that one day this heavy grief will turn into beautiful memories.

We wish you all the best and much strength in your journey. 🩷


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