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How to Make Your Own Self-Care Routine

You have probably heard that practicing self-care is crucial in today's world and that you should form your own self-care routine.

And while this is absolutely true, we know it can sometimes be tricky with the abundance of advice and trends to know where to start with!

In this blog post, we'll share some tips on how to get started with your self-care journey and what you might want to consider when starting to craft your very own self-care routine.

A drawing of a person hugging themself with hearts and a text: I matter.
Making your own self-care routine is extremely rewarding.

Tips to Start Making Your Very Own Self-Care Routine

Okay so let's get started! Here are some of the main considerations and actions you can take to start your journey toward taking better care of yourself:

1. Understand Self-Care

Self-care is personal and subjective. It's about understanding what you need to feel and be at your best - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Self-care isn't just bubble baths and face masks, although they are a wonderful part of it!

So take some time to do some reading to really understand what self-care is all about and all the wonderful, healing things it can include!

Here are some of our resources to get you started:

2. Get to Know Your Needs

Start by assessing your current state and needs. Are you more mentally exhausted or physically drained? What areas of your life need more attention? Perhaps you need more sleep, better nutrition, physical activity, or time for mental relaxation. Recognize your stressors and what makes you feel healthy, happy, and alive.

3. Set Clear Goals

Once you understand your needs, set clear and achievable goals. If you're looking to reduce stress, define how you'll do it. Will you meditate, take walks, or reduce screen time? Be specific about what you want to achieve with your routine.

You'll find more hands-on tips on our blog posts dedicated to each type of self-care. You can access these posts through our post The 9 Types of Self-Care.

4. Start Small

A rookie mistake is overloading yourself with a self-care plan that is too long and unachievable. Start small. Pick one or two activities to incorporate into your daily or weekly schedule. It could be as simple as reading for 30 minutes before bed or taking a short walk after lunch.

5. Make It Enjoyable

Self-care shouldn't feel like a chore but rather something you look forward to! Choose activities that you genuinely enjoy and look forward to.

If you dread your one-hour gym session, switch it to a dance class or a sport you love. The key is consistency, and you're more likely to stick with activities that bring you joy.

A drawing of a candle and skincream and a text: 'Self-care is empowerment.'
Self-care is a gift to yourself.

Don't get overwhelmed with all the possibilities, tips, and guides available out there. The most important thing is to start.

So make a plan, try it out, and modify it when needed. You know you have a good self-care plan when you have allocated time for activities that you look forward to and after doing them you feel better.

It really is that simple. 🩷

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